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 Pronounced Sath-paal
WHY this problem has not been resolved because Architecture is   ︎︎︎       




Mostly a quick build and sell proposition.

Driven by energy consumption for user comfort.

Driven only by design and no real data.

Fails to take into account it’s social impact and inbuilt systemic bias in its programming & poilcy.

Our PROCESS is to restore the Gross Energy imbalance holistically for the Future:

  • Radical Listeners: It is a disciplined approach that deliberately focuses on both the intent of the speaker and the dialogue of what is being said to to listen and learn to implement a collective change

  • Surgical Approach - Minimum disruption/ Carbon Footprint/ Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Economy: Truth in Data - Adopting new technology and analysis to help our clients communicate the sustainable performance of the building to financiers, governments, regulators, shareholders

  • Visionary: New tech / cutting edge. Strategic Advice and Advocacy

  • Future Proofing: Resiliency in design, Educating / communicating

We have a proven methodology for Delivering these results:

  • Constraints and opportunities - Our Feasibility Study will look for opportunities to optimise development on site, using our experience and knowledge of integrating Design and Building Science.

  • Communication and strategy - You will have clear communication directly with the partners, and this will give you a clear understanding of the development opportunity and risks.

  • Value and quality - We know how to deliver design-led, on-budget proposals, and will bring this to deliver your scheme.

We aim to exceed expectations, and have become trusted consultants for our repeat clients, which they have told us themselves.

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© Copyright Satpal Architects 2021