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 Pronounced Sath-paal

Ethical + High Performing +
Data driven = Elegant Buildings ︎︎︎

SATPAL is an architecture firm designing elegant energy efficient buildings for NGOs, ethical Developers and Government.

In our experience, our clients are frustrated by some specific problems when starting a project, particularly that it’s not clear what a energy efficient building is, myths that sustainable buildings cost more, or how long things take. Unclear information at this stage often leads to unachievable expectations in terms of budget or what can be obtained from the design.

This is where we come in, to provide you with honest and realistic information up front. We’ll work with you to make the most of the space and budget you have. 

To tell you a little bit more about us, the process we use is set out in THREE steps:

  • Clarity - We start each project with a Feasibility Study to clearly set out the spatial brief, budget, and timescale for your project, since each home is different. This provides information up front about the process ahead, and gives the project rock solid foundations.

  • Character - We work closely with our clients to develop options and ideas that make the most of space, time and money to optimise their homes. Through careful consultation and updates, we ensure that the designs are perfectly suited to the way you want to live.

  • Communication - We stay in close contact with you and all of the members of the team throughout the design and construction process. Our tailored approach carries right the way through the project, ensuring that your completed home is of the best quality possible.

This process has resulted in numerous happy clients, award winning projects, and plenty of example projects that we’d love to show you.

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︎ Turban Myth

︎Death decay                                                           

 Bol = Speak
︎The Crisis of Climate Change & Energy Burden            
     NOMA Conference, October 2021

︎Centering Climate justice in your Passive House Practice: A Co-Creation Workshop

    PhiusCon Conference, October 2021

︎Beauty of Justice: The Politics of Space &Aesthetics

     New Gravity Conference, July 2021

︎The Hidden Justice of Architecture                  
      Passive House Accelerator, July 2021
︎Retrofitting of Architecture Webinars

︎Retrofit Housing Webinar

     Urban Land Resilience
︎Never too Young to Lead SMPS Leadership panels

︎NESEA: Track Chair 2017

︎NESEA: Track Chair 2016

︎NESEA Student Competition Founder


︎Zack Semek
   Passive house Accelerator

︎David Louis Swartz               


“Satpal engages community and audiences through her powerful fusing of high performance building design expertise and racial justice inquiry and advocacy. Her well-crafted and deeply-researched presentation to our Global Passive House Happy Hour was followed by an hour-and-a-half of questions and lively discussion with the Passive House Accelerator community. In the end, we had to close the Zoom meeting up or Satpal would have been fielding questions and comments all night! She's got a knack for bringing diverse audiences in to examine injustice in the built environment and solution-making to address it.”

“Satpal is great at researching issues and solving problems creatively. She has a unique passion for finding optimum solutions that are innovative and current. My experience working with her on Project Heroe was very satisfying. Her knowledge of exterior walls is well beyond her years of experience. She was an important member of our award winning project.”

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